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10 July 2006 @ 01:35 pm
I hope someone staples your grotesque face shut so I don't have to vomit anymore at the sight of you  
Thanks to my psychiatrist, living with my ADD has become a lot easier and more manageable. To insult some of the very things that have made my life better is something I take personally. Not that we should really take this oh so intelligent man seriously, but the fact that some morons actually listen to and idolize him nauseates me. Well, his face does the same thing, to tell the truth.

My fiance, who is a pharmacist, has made it a hobby of pointing out the many, many inaccuracies in Cruise's Anti-Drug arguments. Reading a couple of novels and playing characters who are smarter than you does NOT make you an expert, Mr. Cruise. Or should I say, Mr. Thomas Mapother IV.

On my trip to San Diego a few weeks ago, I had the misfortune of walking by a restaurant which claimed to be the home of "The Sleazy Bar Scene" from Top Gun. Upon the realization that Tom Cruise had once set foot there, I literally ran away from the establishment, screaming (there were a number of individuals who witnessed my horror).

Sure, you may have graduated from high school (though I'd like to see what his GPA was, assuming that these alleged documents even exist), but pretending to be someone else,  reading words off of a sheet of paper, and subjecting the innocent to your crappy sequels (didn't work too well this last time, did it?) does not make you an authority on all matters of the Universe. 

I dream of the day that Brooke Shields stakes you in the heart with a stiletto heel and then spits on your tiny, misshapen corpse.

Die and burn in fucking hell, you deranged australopithecine. Ask Katie to look it up in the dictionary for you.
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